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Euro Partenaires

A unique expertise on canned vegetables

For more than 25 years, Euro Partenaires has been developing a unique know-how on canned vegetables and more particularly in hearts of palm, deliciously soft. Specialized in food service industries and retailers, Euro Partenaires offers suitable and custom-made products with a dedicated and integrated quality service which enables a complete respect of your specifications. 

DUNE brand, representing Euro Partenaires, offers a complete range of canned vegetables and fruits in syrup, such as pears, apricots or cherries, only dedicated to food service industries.

A producers' network around the world

Our production field is worldwide. We work, hand in hand, for several years with a network of producers around the world and especially in South America. Our suppliers are real partners and enable us to guarantee the traceability of our products. Our mission is to supply high quality products dedicated to food service industries and retailers. 

Our products

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Dune Apricots 4/4,5/1

Our Dune apricots come from 2 origins: Greece and Morocco.

  • Apricots in water 850 ml, origin Morocco
  • Apricots in light syrup 2650 ml, origin Greece
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Dune Pineapple 580 ml, 850 ml

From Thailand

  • Pineapple pieces 580 ml - DUNE
  • Pineapple  slices 2650 ml - DUNE
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Artichokes 580 ml

We offer artichokes hearts in differents sizes according to your needs.

  • Artichoke hearts 6-8, 580 ml
  • Artichoke hearts 4-6, 580 ml

  • Artichoke bottoms 5-7, 580 ml
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Dune Green asparagus 370 ml

From Peru

  • Green average asparagus 370 ml - DUNE
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Dune Pitted Bigarreau cherries 3/1

From Turkey

  • Pitted Bigarreaux cherries 2650 ml - DUNE PÂTISSERIE
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Dune Fruit cocktail 850 ml, 4150 ml

  • Fruits cocktail in water (peach, pear, pineapple, grape, bigarreau cherry) 850 ml - DUNE
  • Fruits cocktail in light syrup (peach, pear, pineapple, grape, bigarreau cherry) 4250 ml - DUNE RESTAURATION
  • Fruits cocktail in water (peach, pear, pineapple, grape, bigarreau cherry) 4250 ml - DUNE RESTAURATION
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Fruit cocktail 425 ml, 850 ml, 4250 ml

  • 4 fruits cocktail in light syrup (peach, pear, pineapple, grape) 425 ml
  • 4 fruits cocktail in water (peach, pear, pineapple, grape) 850 ml
  • Fruit cocktail in water (peach, pear, pineapple, grape, bigarreaux cherry) 4250 ml
  • Fruit cocktail in light syrup (peach, pear, pineapple, grape, bigarreaux cherry) 4250 ml
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Dune Pitted lychees 580 ml

From Vietnam.

  • Pitted lychees 580 ml - DUNE
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Dune Hearts of palm 2650 ml

  • Salad preparation of hearts of palm 2650 ml
  • Whole and calibrated hearts of palm 850 ml
  • Hearts of palm medallions 850 ml
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Hearts of palm 212 ml, 425 ml, 850 ml

We offer palm hearts prepared in different ways and sized according to your needs, from 3 countries : Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. 

  • Whole sized hearts of palm 425 ml, Ecuador 
  • Whole sized hearts of palm 425 ml, Peru
  • Whole sized hearts of palm 850 ml, Ecuador
  • Whole sized mini hearts of palm 212 ml, Peru

  • Palm medallions 850 ml, Peru

  • Salad hearts of palm 425 ml, Peru
  • Salad hearts of palm 425 ml, Bolivia

  • Sliced sized hearts of palm 425 ml, Ecuador
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White beans Dune 425 ml, 850 ml

White beans 425 ml

White beans 850 ml

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Mixed vegetables Dune 850 ml

Mixed vegetables 850 ml 

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Dune Honey 500 g

From Spain.

  • Honey squeezer 500 g - DUNE
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Dune Peaches 850 ml, 4250 ml

From Spain and Greece

  • Natural peaches 850 ml, Spain
  • Peaches in water 850 ml, Greece
  • Peaches in water 4250 ml, Spain
  • Peach slices 425 ml
img 01

Peaches 4250 ml

  • Peaches in water 4250 ml, Greece
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Dune Williams pears 425 ml, 850 ml

From Spain and Italy

  • Williams pears 850 ml
  • Williams pears 2650 ml
  • Williams pears 4250 ml
  • Williams pears in water 850 ml
  • Williams pear in water 4250 ml
img 01

Sized Williams pears 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

From Italy and Spain.

  • Sized Williams pears 850 ml, Spain
  • Sized Williams pears 2650 ml, Italy
  • Sized Williams pears 4250 ml, Spain
img 01

Chickpeas Dune 425 ml

img 01

Dune Plums 1700 ml, 4250 ml

  • Whole Greenage plums 4250 ml
  • Halves greenage plums 2650 ml
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Chopped peeled tomatoes 850 ml

  • Chopped peeled tomatoes 850 ml
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