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Since 1979, BROVER is the leading professional French brand of canned ingredients and dried fruits for Bakery & Pastry.

BROVER means choosing a leading professional brand on the upmarket segment, with fruits selected to be able to meet the high requirements of French pastry making. 

BROVER's foundation rests on two core values: an unwavering dedication to superior quality and a tailored approach to our product offerings.

inspire, explore: l'atelier brover

Because the success of a preparation always begins with the choice of ingredients... we present a realm of recipes to baking and pastry experts through the Atelier BROVER. Pastry and gastronomy embody a narrative of passion and inspiration at their core. Delve into a world of culinary artistry as you explore the collection of recipes envisioned by our skilled chef. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted using our extensive range of BROVER products, enabling pastry chefs and bakers to articulate exquisite tales that unveil the full splendor of their creations.



The art of pastry is a perfect combination of precision, meticulousness and discipline, alongside creativity, sensitivity and imagination. Each day, we strive to infuse our products with this unique blend of exacting standards, expertise, and creative liberty, ensuring that the BROVER brand continues to serve as an unwavering testament to customer satisfaction.

As a pioneer in supplying canned fruits exclusively for pastry, BROVER has progressively expanded its scope, now presenting an extensive array of ingredients catering to baked goods and confections. This assortment includes fruit fillings, honey, and a diverse selection of snack components such as pizza sauce, olives, and pickles. Additionally, our offerings extend to dried fruits for Danish pastries and specialty breads, alongside an assortment of candied fruits.

BROVER's reach spans across France through a comprehensive network of over 200 specialized wholesalers, while our products find their way to nearly 40 other countries via distributors of fine foods.

Our expertise

Demonstrating a profound understanding and mastery of our products, meticulously chosen from the most optimal origins in accordance with harvest conditions, we are poised to provide our artisanal and industrial clients with an expansive array tailored to their requirements. Our commitment lies in delivering products of unparalleled quality and consistency.

Our fruits in syrup are canned once a year during the campaign season, coinciding with the harvest of fresh fruits. The subsequent production and preservation phases adhere to rigorous protocols, ensuring pastry-grade quality.

The baked goods and pastries industry requires an exceptionally elevated product quality. Hence, the raw materials we meticulously choose are subjected to stringent criteria that align with the preferences of our artisanal clients. These criteria encompass consistent sizes, appealing appearances, precise cuts, vibrant colors, steadfast firmness, impeccable texture, and more.

This selection process involves stricter tolerance thresholds by our suppliers, resulting in a heightened percentage of fruits and vegetables being rejected due to non-compliance.

Because at BROVER, we believe that successful food preparation always begins with the right ingredients...

Our products

img 01

BROVER apricots 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml, 2125 ml

apricot halves in light syrup

Our baking apricots, from 3 varieties, are sized and unpeeled to preserve their natural appearance and aroma, but also promote their handling. 

  • Bebeco apricots, from Greece: they ripe at the seaside, in the sunny orchards from South of Greece, where our partner factory is located. A unique proximity which enable the fruit to come from the tree to the tin almost instantly. The Bebeco variety presents a characteristic mix of colors ranging from yellow-orange to pale green, with a soft texture and a good presentation of the fruit.
  • Canino apricots, from Morocco: The Canino variety is only produced in Morocco. These apricots are very round, with a homogeneous orange color. Because of their shape, they are cut by hand to obtain perfect halves. The historical product from Morocco are the apricots cut and arranged in crown by hand, 2125 ml, a unique layout in cans. All our apricots from Morocco are Clean Label, certified without any coloring, preservatives and additives.

  • Bulida apricots, from Spain: our partner has its own orchards in Spain, just near his factory, because the apricots are cooked fresh, without any passage in fridges before being cut, unpitted and tinned. The Bulida apricots are high in quality, very homogeneous in size and with an ideal color and texture for Pastry.  

Our apricots are available in 4250 ml, 2650 ml, 850 ml and 2125 ml (arranged in crown by hand) tins.


apricot quarters in light syrup

Rigourosly selected with our partner in Morocco, our BROVER pastry apricot, Clean Label, is unpeeled to preserve its natural aspect and flavor but also to favor its handling and holding. Perfectly sized, each apricot is afterwards carefully handcut (in half then in quarty) to guarantee a fruit with an amazing homogeneity without any wrong cut. 

Our apricot quarters are available in 850 ml and 2650 ml tins.

img 01

Organic Tuono Almonds from Sicily 5kg

The "Tuono" type is a sweet almond without any bitterness. Close engouh to the almond from Provence, this type is a little oily and suits for transformation or tasting just as it is. Our supplier is producer and works also with several cooperatives in the Riesi region in Sicily. The almond is one of the symbol fruit of this island. 

The almonds are harvested in August from the moment where the almond's husk is opened and the shell has dried under the sun. 

img 01

BROVER pineapples 580 ml, 850 ml, 2650 ml

pineapple slices in light syrup

Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

  • Pineapple slices in light syrup, 10 slices, 580 ml
  • Pineapple slices in light syrup, 12 slices, 850 ml
  • Pineapple slices in light syrup, 66 slices, 2650 ml


  • Chunk pineapple compote (crushed), 850 ml - Clean label
img 01

BROVER anchovies 850 ml

Engraulis encrasicolus anchovy fillets are salted, pressed and matured. The spine is completely removed and there are virtually no bones left in the fillets.
Separate layers.

  • Anchovy fillets in oil with a plastic lid, 850 ml
img 01

BROVER Artichokes: hearts and bottoms, 850 ml

whole artichoke hearts in oil 850 ml

Whole artichoke hearts in a classic Italian recipe in oil (carciofini).

The artichoke is a typical vegetable from the Mediterranean area found in multiple applications in various regional recipes. To prepare its recipes BROVER only uses Italian artichokes of the thorny type which come from Puglia, processed on a seasonal basis as soon as they are picked. The hearts are small, tender and preserved in sunflower oil.

Each 780 g can contains an average of 16 hearts.

also available in 850 ml artichoke bottoms in oil.

img 01

BROVER berries: Blueberries, Blackcurrant, White peeled grapes, 850 ml

  • Blackcurrant berries covered in light syrup, 850 ml - Clean label
  • Blueberries covered in light syrup, 850 ml - Clean label
  • Peeled white seedless grapes in light syrup, 850 ml

img 01

Organic Goji berries 5kg

Our goji berries come from China in the region of Ningxia. 1,600 ha of goji are cultivated in the rigorous respect of international standards for an optimum quality of berries. For more than 30 years, our supplier has been getting involved in the product’s quality and innovation to answer our customers needs.

Goji berries are relatively small, and orange or even pinkish in colour, with a slightly sweet/tart taste. This fruit's flavours are perfectly suitable for mixing with other dried fruits. The goji is a superfruit that owes its worldwide reputation for decades past to its unique and exceptional nutritional properties. A singular combination of nutrients and polysaccharides makes the berry one of the best antioxidants around. Goji berries are full of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and amino acids - a concentrated dose of life!

img 01

BROVER Bigarreau cherries 850 ml, 1700 ml, 4250 ml

Pitted bigarreau cherries in light syrup, 850 ml, 1700 ml or 4250 ml

img 01

Williams pear mini balls 425 ml

Discover a premium mini ball, made with passion from William pears carefully selected for their color, their texture, and their taste. Uniform in size and ready to use, our Williams Pears Mini balls Brover will enhance both sweet and savory treats!

img 01

BROVER Capers 850 ml, 1 kg

Our capers come from Morocco.

  • Capucine capers in vinegar, 850 ml
  • Dry salted baby capers, 1 kg tub
img 01

BROVER Whole picked caper berries 850 ml

With their bittersweet taste, our BROVER caper berries, fruits from the caper tree, are a plump, surprising and delicious alternative to capers!

  • Whole picked caper berries 850 ml
img 01

BROVER Amarena cherries 883 ml, 2700 ml

The Amarena cherry is a small bitter dark colored Italian cherry grown in Bologna and Modena. The recipe is made with only natural and vegetal colorant and preservatives. Purple, fruity and slightly sour, the Brover Amarena Cherry in heavy sirup is the perfect ingredient for your Black Forest cakes and many other gourmet desserts: Tiramisu, sorbets. Our Amarena are certified kosher.

Whole pitted amarena cherries in heavy syrup, 883 ml or 2700 ml.

img 01

BROVER North Star cherries 850 ml, 2650 ml

BROVER's North Star cherries are 100% natural, with no added colouring. They are larger and sweeter on the palette than morellos. 

  • Pitted North Star cherries in syrup 850 ml
  • Pitted North Star cherries in syrup 2650 ml

img 01

BROVER mushrooms 850 ml, 4250 ml

Button mushroom pieces and stems, 850 ml or 4250 ml

img 01

BROVER fruit cocktail in syrup 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

Ready to use fruits cocktail in syrup with peaches, pears, pineapples, grapes and cherries.

Available in 850 ml, 2650 ml or 4250 ml tins.

img 01

BROVER Lettuce hearts 4250 ml

Lettuce hearts from Spain, the perfect product for the pizzas "di Scarola".

  • Lettuce hearts 4250 ml
img 01

BROVER Hearts of palm 850 ml

Whole hearts of palm, premium quality, grown and transformed in the Noth-East of Peru, region covered by the Amazonian rainforest. The cooperative gathers more than 95 local farmers who supply daily the production line. When the palm tree is ready, it is trimed right in the field in 70 cm stems. The detached palm leaves and bark stay at the bottom of the tree as compost. The palm tree will grow again and give new branches which may be cut 18 months later. This process can last to 25 years per tree. The cut is done by step to keep only the tender, non fibrous part. The good part and the stem, the most flexible, will be held for the hearts. As for the meristem ("manzana"), the filled part, it will be use for by-products. 

The BROVER hearts of palm have a great homogeneity : non conical stems, no "fibrous" heart (hard to cut). They show a beautiful white color, a balanced taste and high-quality. Their particularity : a thin diameter (8 to 12 heart par 850 ml can). 

img 01

BROVER Condiments 5 kg

  • Mayonnaise, 5 L tub
  • Strong Dijon mustard, 5 kg tub

    Made in France.
img 01

BROVER prunes cream ("Corin") 12 kg

BROVER Prunes Cream ("Corin") in 12 kg tub.

img 01

BROVER Gerkhins in jars 2400 ml

BROVER's PET jar, a 2400 ml plastic jar with a screw-top lid, has all the advantages of a glass jar but without the risk of breakage. Easy to store and boasts a 3 year shelf life thanks to its innovative plastic that also enables pasteurization.

  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, 150+, 2.4 L PET jar
  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, 120/149, 2.4 L PET jar
  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, 80/119, 2.4 L PET jar
  • Round sliced sweet and sour gherkins, cut finely with a firm texture for use on hamburgers, 2.4 L PET jar
  • Long sliced sweet and sour gherkins for use on French roll sandwiches, 2.4 L PET jar
  • Russian Malossol Gerkhins, 2.4 L PET jar

img 01

BROVER canned Gerkhins 850 ml, 4250 ml

  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, caliber 60/79, 850 ml
  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, caliber 80/119, 850 ml, 4250 ml
  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, caliber 120/149, 4250 ml
  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, caliber 150+, 4250 ml
  • Round sliced gherkins in vinegar, 4250 ml
img 01

BROVER Cranberries 12x1 kg, 5 kg, 12,5 kg

Cranberries are produced in North America. They are used more and more in bakery and pastry recipes.

The great North American cranberry, known for its antioxidant qualities, without additives or colouring agents. A tart taste that will give your speciality breads and Viennese pastries a touch of originality.

Brover proposes half-dried ready-to-use fruits.

  • Dried cranberries, 12 x 1 kg bags
  • Dried cranberries, 12,5 kg
  • Organic dried cranberries, 5 kg
img 01

BROVER lemon cream filling 6 kg

A great classic in our line of fillings, BROVER Lemon Cream is reinvented in a new recipe with no E171 coloring and no modified starch.

A lemon filling ready-to-use with a beautiful natural color and which can be used hot or cold, stable oven and freezing, for a lot of applications (to garnish pie crusts, to fill biscuits or muffins, ganaches, to flavor cream…).

Available in 6 kg tub.

img 01

BROVER diced dried fruits 10x1 kg, 10 kg

BROVER's diced dried fruits are cut "bakery style" in an irregular cut that gives them the charm of an artisan appearance. Delicious, soft fruit cubes to slip into the mixture for your speciality breads and rolls.

  • Diced dried figs, 10 x 1 kg bags or in a 10 kg bulk carton
  • Diced dried apricots, 10 x 1 kg bags
img 01

BROVER Fruit fillings in tubs 5,5 kg, 6 kg, 11 kg

BROVER fruit fillings in tubs contain 90% fruits, with the taste, color and texture of the fruit in a ready-made product.

Cubed pears, cubed apples, apple pieces to give free rein to tasty recipes : simply adapt recipes without changing the process, just the flavor. Feel the BROVER fruit filling experience!

  • Diced apple filling 90% fruits - 5.5 kg, 11 kg
  • Apple chunks filling 90% fruits - 5.5 kg, 11 kg
  • Diced pear filling 90% fruits - 6 kg
img 01

BROVER fruit fillings 2650 ml

BROVER fruit fillings in 2650 ml tin contain a minimum of 70% fruits, with the taste, color and texture of the fruit in a ready-made product.

9 flavors to give free rein to tasty recipes : simply adapt recipes without changing the process, just the flavor. Feel the BROVER fruit filling experience!

  • Diced apricot filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Diced pineapple filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Whole blackcurrant filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Whole black cherry filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Whole strawberry filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Raspberry purée filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Berry mix filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Whole blueberry filling - 70% fruits - 2,7 kg
  • Diced apple filling - 85% fruits - 2,7 kg
img 01

BROVER Frita 850 ml, 4250 ml

Frita is a typically Mediterranean dish with a vegetable base, primarily sweet peppers and tomatoes.

BROVER's Frita is a fairly thick preparation with large, crunchy chunks of vegetables, with a base of fresh tomatoes that are selected, washed, trimmed, peeled and seeded, along with peeled onions and washed, seeded and trimmed red peppers. All of this is then cooked with added herbs and spices. Bakers mainly use it as stuffing for delicious Frita turnovers (using puff pastry or shortcrust pastry), also known as Cocas.  

It can also be used as a sauce for a frita and anchovy pizza, for example.

Available in 850 ml and 4250 ml.

img 01

BROVER candied fruits

    An assortment of candied fruits in a 500 g tray for pastry decoration, consisting of whole candied fruits, bigarreau cherries, slices and strips. A "must have" to decorate the traditional French Kings' Cake for Epiphany, but also a source of creativity to give color and relief to a pastry (brioche, cheese cake ...). An ideal size for artisans wishing to discover the world of candied fruits with a complete turnkey product or for occasional users. The tray can also feed your direct sales to the individual.

    • Candied fruit Mix for decoration 500 g

    Find all of our candied fruits :


    img 01

    BROVER jelly fruit for decoration 2 kg

    Our orange and lemon jellies are now made in France with an enhanced recipe, even higher quality, and 100% natural flavors.

    With an elegant design, they will gracefully embellish confections, pastries, and cakes, including gingerbread cakes, lemon tarts, orange cakes, or any other specialty calling for citrus-themed decor. Molding recreates the raised details of orange and lemon segments.

    • Lemon jelly slices 2 kg
    • Orange jelly slices 2 kg

    img 01

    Brousse dried fruits

    BROVER is offering a complete range of Mediterranean dried fruits through our BROUSSE dried fruits. 

    Deglet Nour dates from Algeria or Tunisia, dried figs and dried apricots from Turkey as well as dried mini figs from Spain. 

    find our whole range of mediterranean dried fruits:


    img 01

    BROVER Sweet pepper drops 850 ml

    sweet red pepper drops 850ml

    Completely new in France, it is a variety of small teardrop-shaped red peppers, with a sweet-and-sour taste, unique because of its bright red colour and size.

    Enhance your dishes with a unique, colorful, gourmet ingredient.

    This small vegetable comes from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and will sublimate your salads, sandwiches or pizza toppings. Only one 850 ml can contains more than 200 drops!

    • Sweet red pepper drops 850 ml

    sweet yellow pepper drops 850ml

    To go further in creativity this ingredient can create, our sweet peppers drops are now available in "yellow" color. This same type of pepper with the shape of drops, a bittersweet taste, unique with its small size, and the shiny color of the sun.  

    • Sweet yellow pepper drops 850 ml
    img 01

    BROVER Spreadables 900 g

    sundried tomato Delice

    An Italian ready-to-use gourmet preparation with sundried tomatoes that will bring originality and southern flavors to your paninis, sandwiches, bagels or bruschetta... Let's spread it without restraint instead of butter for example. The new perfect ingredient for your summer snacking offer!

    pesto alla genovese

    A classic masterpiece of Italian gastronomy.

    A ready-to-use gluten free preparation made from Genoese basil with an intense flavor, pecorino cheese (sheep's cheese), cashews, pine nuts, oil and garlic that will bring originality and Italian tradition to your paninis, sandwiches, bagels or bruschetta ... Usable cold or hot: apply and spread without moderation!

    A creamy dark green pesto, with the characteristic taste of basil.


    Embark on a gustatory journey full of color and flavor with our black olive paste to spread on various recipes. A delicious and creamy Italian preparation ready-to-use with an intense taste of black olives.


    A new recipe created in collaboration with our Chef, Claude Pollet, and our partner supplier. Deliciously flavored with garlic and spices, our eggplant caviar can be used in all snacking and catering recipes, as is or mixed with cream cheese.


    The traditional black olive tapenade with extra-virgin olive oil joins the Brover range to expand the l'autentico range. This tapenade will bring originality and southern flavors to your bread bases, your bakery preparations and your snacking offer with simple and tasty recipes.

    These 3 products are available in 900 g capped plastic jar with lid: unbreakable and recyclable. Oil can rise to the surface, this is normal: we recommend to stir well before use.


    img 01

    Organic chia seeds 12x1kg

    Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a herbaceous plant from the sage family originating in Mexico. It has been cultivated for its edible seeds since the pre-Columbian era. Since the late 1990s, these seeds have attracted the attention of nutritionists for their high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

    Chia seeds provide a good source of calcium and phosphorus, as well as dietary fibre and manganese. They also have excellent antioxidant powers, thanks to their polyphenols.

    • organic chia seeds 12x1 kg
    img 01

    Organic pumpkin seeds 5 kg

    • organic pumpkin seeds 5 kg
    img 01

    BROVER sour cherry (griotte) jar 1L

    The sour cherry (or griotte cherry) is the fruit of the sour cherry tree, fleshy and bright red, with a soft and acidulous flesh, a feature that heads most often this fruit towards the manufacture of pastries.

    standard sour cherry production netherlands

    Whole de-stemmed pitted sour cherries in syrup in a 1L glass jar, made in Netherlands. A standard pastry product with a "clean label" stamped recipe, meaning guaranteed without coloring or additives, in a 1L glass jar with an "easy opening" lid, which requires only 25% of the pressure usually needed to open a jar.

    • Whole de-stemmed, pitted morello cherries in syrup, in a 1L jar

    premium sour cherry, made in france

    Whole de-stemmed pitted sour cherries without coloring in syrup in a 1L glass jar, made in France (Haut-Rhin). A premium product 100% dedicated to professional pastry making.

    • Sour cherry jar in syrup 1L, FRANCE
      img 01

      BROVER kiwis 850 ml

      Peeled kiwi slices in syrup (New Zealand), 850 ml

      img 01

      BROVER lychees 580 ml

      Whole sized, peeled and pitted lychees in light syrup, 580 ml (Vietnam)

      img 01

      BROVER Sweet corn 850 ml, 2650 ml

      • Sweet corn 850 ml
      • Sweet corn 2650 ml

      img 01

      BROVER mandarins 2650 ml, 850 ml

      Superior quality peeled Satsuma mandarin segments in light syrup, large size.

      Available in 850 ml and 2650 ml tins.

      img 01

      BROVER mangoes 850 ml

      Peeled Alphonso mango slices in heavy syrup (India), 850 ml

      img 01

      Organic salad mix 3kg

      Organic salad mix 3kg:

      30% pine nuts, 30% pumpkin seeds, 25% raisins, 15% walnuts.

      img 01

      BROVER all flowers honey 500 g, 1 kg, 2x5 kg

      A light amber-coloured flower honey, soft and very fluid. Guaranteed honey-free from China, filtered and pasteurised for professional use.

      BROVER honey is a promise of unique quality, commitment and exceptional taste!

      Available in 5 kg tub, 1 kg recyclable plastic jar, and also in a 500 g squeeze bottle, a supple, ergonomic anti-drop format that makes it easy to work with honey.

      • Honey squeezer 500 g
      • Honey 1 kg jar 
      • Honey 5 kg tub
      img 01

      BROVER mini fruits 425 ml, 850 ml, 2650 ml

      Tiny fruits to use in your recipes or as decoration.

      • Whole mini apples with stem in light syrup, 425 ml, 830 ml
        Perfect for decorating your creations, when you coat BROVER's mini apples in caramel, they become irresistible, colourful mini toffee apples.
      • Whole peeled mini pears in light syrup, 425 ml, 830 ml, 2650 ml
      • Mini Victoria pineapple 30/33 slices in light syrup, 850 ml, 2650 ml
      • Whole mini apricots in light syrup with a natural almond flavouring, 850 ml (with pit)

      img 01

      BROVER Mirabelle plums 1700 ml, 4250 ml

      Mirabelle is a small round golden plum with a sweet and juicy flesh and a delicate taste, symbol of Lorraine (North Eastern France).

      BROVER whole pitted mirabelle plums for pastry are made with mirabelle plums from unified cooperatives located in the heart of Lorraine (France), bringing together more than 200 producers in 1,000 hectares of orchards. The quality and origin of the fruit are certified by the PGI "Mirabelles de Lorraine".

      • Pitted mirabelle plums in light syrup 1700 ml
      • Pitted mirabelle plums in light syrup 4250 ml
      img 01

      BROVER Chopped caramelized onions 850 ml

      BROVER expands its Antipasti range with a quality preparation, full of flavor and highly prized by gourmets : Caramelized onions.

      A delicious preparation ready to use made with chopped fresh onions, caramelized through a long boiling process at a low temperature: a fantastic ingredient which gives an original sweet touch for sandwiches (burgers, paninis…). It is also used for pizza topping or for the preparation of onions and cheese tarts.

      Its soft and sweet savour will perfectly marry with meats (hot or cold), cheeses (especially goat cheese or blue cheese), but also with terrines.

      BROVER caramelized onions have a long shelf life of 4 years.

      img 01

      BROVER Pre-fried oinons 850 ml, 4250 ml, 5x3 kg

      Pre-peeled and chopped onions prepared with the greatest of care... to save you time when making your flatbreads, quiches and pizzas.

      • Pre-fried onions in virgin olive oil, 850 ml or 4250 ml
      • BiB of pre-fried onions in virgin olive oil, 5 x 3 kg pouches

      This BROVER BiB (Bag in Box) is made with different varieties of high quality fresh onions. Once cut up, the onions are fried in virgin olive oil, then pasteurized and packed in high barrier heat-sealed pouches. In this way, the fried onions are ready to use, with optimized handling of the product, easy storage and reduced waste once the pouch is empty.

      img 01

      BROVER Olives 30/33 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

      • Whole black olives 850 ml, 4250 ml
      • Pitted black olives 850 ml, 4250 ml
      • Whole green olives 4250 ml
      • Pitted green olives 850 ml, 4250 ml
      • Sliced black olives 2650 ml
      • Sliced green olives 2650 ml
      img 01

      Pitted Kalamata Olives 850 ml

      The Kalamata olive is a large, fleshy, dark purple olive with a smooth texture that is particularly tasty. It is grown in Greece in the southern Peloponnese. Kalamata olives are hand-picked and then soaked in clear water for several days, followed by olive oil. 

      Stoned, our Kalamata extra jumbo olives are of premium quality and available in 850 ml cans.

      • BROVER pitted Kalamata olives extra jumbo 850 ml
      img 01

      BROVER Greek style olives 2x2 kg

      BROVER's Greek style black olives have thin, wrinkled skin with a very pronounced Mediterranean flavour.

      This line comprises three products: whole olives with pits, whole pitted olives and chopped olives. Each comes in original 2-in-1 packaging: 2x2 kg vacuum-sealed freshness pouches inside a 4 kg resealable, stackable plastic tub, for better hygiene and conservation during storage.

      Chopped olives are the perfect product for preparing olive bread: all the flavour of Greek style olives at an affordable price per kg with simplified visual checks for any remaining pits.

      • Greek style black olive chunks 2x2 kg
      • Greek style pitted black olives 2x2 kg
      • Greek style whole black olives 2x2 kg
      img 01

      BROVER Oranges 850 ml, 2650 ml

      • Peeled orange segments in light syrup, 2650 ml
      • Orange slices with peel, 850 ml in light syrup, 2650 ml
      img 01

      BROVER almond paste 5 kg

      Available in 5 kg tub, BROVER 23% almond paste exists in white, green or pink and meets the criteria of delicacy and flexibility expected by the professionals to realize any type of decoration, dressing, modeling, filling...

      • White almond paste 23% 5 kg tub
      • Pink almond paste 23% 5 kg tub
      • Green almond paste 23% 5 kg tub
      img 01

      Seedless fig paste 15 kg

      Seedless fig paste, 15 kg

      img 01

      Peaches BROVER 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

      The Yellow Cling peach is marked by an orange-yellow color and a high content in juice.

      BROVER's peaches ripen in sunny orchards in the Northern Greece. Our Yellow Cling peaches are sized and peeled then de-stemmed by twisting, a technique that yields much more attractive plump peach halves. Production lines of our partner in Greece consist of modern stainless steel mechanical equipment capable of processing 20-25 tons/hour peaches.

      • Peeled peach halves in light syrup 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml
      • Sliced peaches in light syrup 2650 ml
      img 01

      BROVER Tomato pearls 850 ml

      Juicy tomato cherries in small size (less than 30 mm), preserved in a sweet-and-sour juice.

      Very economical, these small tomatoes will bring a beautiful ruby colour to your salads or dishes.

      Enhance your recipes with an original ingredient signed BROVER!

      img 01

      BROVER Pizzata 850 ml, 4250 ml

      BROVER's Pizzata is a ready to use pizza sauce with a base of partially reduced tomato purée, tomato pulp, onions and vegetable oil. There's nothing you need to add to the sauce: BROVER has done the cooking for you! With BROVER Pizzata, everything is ready, to save you time when preparing your pan pizzas in the bakery.

      • Pizzata, 850 ml 
      • Pizzata, 4250 ml
      img 01

      BROVER Williams pears 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

      Melts in your mouth... That's the phrase that best describes BROVER's Williams pears for pastry from Italy, a reference when it comes to top quality pears.

      Calibration into integrated cooperatives, management of maturation in refrigerated rooms, they are then peeled and cut mechanically to ensure perfect uniformity of our baking pears, tin after tin.

      The baking pear is the star of BROVER's Pastry line, thanks to solid partnerships established with our Italian suppliers, one of which is the No. 1 fruit processing company in Europe.

      • Williams pear halves in light syrup, 850 ml, 2650 ml, 4250 ml

      Our Williams pears for pastry, are also available in cubes of uniform size and texture.

      • Williams pear cubes 4250 ml
      img 01

      BROVER pears coated in caramel 850 ml

      Williams pear halves coated in caramel, 850 ml

      img 01

      BROVER peeled and grilled peppers 850 ml

      Peeled and grilled peppers 850 ml

      A flavourful Italian style preparation made with fresh whole red and yellow sweet peppers. The peppers are cored, peeled and grilled using a natural process. They are then preserved in sunflower oil, mildly flavoured with wine vinegar. A few seeds are left in for a homemade touch. From Italy.

      img 01

      BROVER baking applesauce 850 ml, 4250 ml

      • La Gold (24%) baking applesauce, 850 ml, 4250 ml 
      • Extra Gold (38%) baking applesauce, 4250 ml

      The percentage represents the total percentage of dry matter.

      img 01

      BROVER Prunes 850 ml, 1 kg, 5 kg

      • Pitted prunes 10x1 kg
      • Pitted prunes 5 kg
      • Prunes cream 850 ml
      • Whole prunes in heavy syrup 850 ml
      img 01

      BROVER pitted Damson plums 1700 ml

      The Damson plum is a big oblong purple plum with a sweet and acidulous dark golden yellow flesh, especially prevalent in the North East of France, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

      Whole pitted Damson plums for pastry made with fruits grown in France, in the heart of the Lorraine region. Of superior quality, they hold perfectly in cooking.

      100% natural colorant, no preservatives.

      • Pitted Damson plums (quetsches) in light syrup 1700 ml
      img 01

      Organic quinoa 12x1 kg

      Quinoa is a traditional plant cultivated for over 5,000 years in the highlands of South America. Despite appearances, it is not a cereal. Quinoa seed has exceptional nutritional benefits. Quinoa is rich in iron and proteins and contains all the essential amino acids, like soybeans.

      Our quinoa is cultivated at high altitude, in Cajamarca (Andes, northern Peru) and Puno (city near Lake Titicaca). We work indeed with local producers who cultivate between 3,000 and 4,000 m altitude. The main harvest takes place between the months of May and June, but some producers having access to water all year round offer a second crop in October.

      • Organic white quinoa 12x1 kg
      • Organic tricolor quinoa 12x1 kg
      • Organic red quinoa 12x1 kg
      img 01

      BROVER Australian sultanas 5 crowns 14 kg

      BROVER Australian raisins are yellow, round and fleshy, qualities that stem from sun-drying the fruit, with no sulphur treatments applied.

      • Australian sultanas 5 crowns 14 kg


      img 01

      BROVER South African golden sultanas 12.5kg or 10 x 1kg

      The BROVER South African Golden sultanas are harvested in South Africa in February and is coming from the Thompson grape type, a white grape variety. Treated not to turn brown and keep its beautiful light color from yellow to amber, this sultana is very fruity with a slightly sour taste.  

      The BROVER South African Golden sultanas are premium quality and medium size. It is guaranteed without any palm oil: we use sunflower oil to avoid that the grains stick together. 

      The Golden sultanas are a good way to stand out to enhance the handmade production of a viennoiserie because it is not used in industry. 

      It is available in 12,5 kg bulk cartons or 10x1 kg bags.
      img 01

      BROVER Turkish sultanas 2.5 kg, 4x3 kg, 10x1 kg, 12.5 kg

      Raisins are concentrated packages of ready to eat energy, thanks to their rapidly absorbable sugar content. The sultanas is a grape variety seedless with a softly sweet taste, brown color, that represents 95% of the world’s production.

      The region of Manisa, at the East of Turkey is the cradle of Sultanine raisins plantations. For many years, we have been keeping a trusty collaboration with our suppliers and we control entirely the sector. Raisins are hand-harvested from middle August to middle September. Once dried under the sun, raisins are mechanically sorted in order remove all foreign bodies.

      • Turkish sultanas Std 9, 12.5 kg
      • Turkish sultanas 1 kg x 10 bags
      • Turkish sultanas 3 kg x 4 bags
      • Organic Turkish sultanas 2.5 kg, 12.5 kg
      img 01

      BROVER Turkish sultanas 15 kg plastic tray

      Raisins are concentrated packages of ready to eat energy, thanks to their rapidly absorbable sugar content. The sultanas is a grape variety seedless with a softly sweet taste, brown color, that represents 95% of the world’s production.

      The region of Manisa, at the East of Turkey is the cradle of Sultanine raisins plantations. Each year, between 350 and 450 000 tons of raisins are produced. For many years, we have been keeping a trusty collaboration with our suppliers and we control entirely the sector. Raisins are hand-harvested from middle August to middle September. Once dried under the sun, raisins are mechanically sorted in order remove all foreign bodies.

      The packaging in plastic tray ensures that, whatever the load on top of the tray, the raisins are not crushed. 

      img 01

      BROVER Sausages 425 ml, 2125 ml

      • Knackwurst, 39-40 pieces, 2,5 L
      • Cocktail sausages, 29-30 pieces, 0,5 L
      img 01

      BROVER Salmon in brine 650 g pouch

      The BROVER salmon in brine is an Altantic natural salmon in recooked pieces. it has been raised in Chili, one of the biggest aquaculture country in the world, then packed in Ecuador. 

      The Atlantic salmon is well known for its combativeness and its flavored pink flesh. It constitues more than 90% of the farming salmon market. Fishes are caught then filleted in lands before being frozen. Then the pieces are cooked in thermowelded and sterilized pouches. 

      The advantages of a pouch packaging are plenty: quickness to open, easy to use, no risk to be cut or broken, easy to store (ambient) and reduce of waste. It has also a long use-by-date. 

      img 01

      BROVER Tuna 600 g, 1 kg, 1.2 kg, 850 ml, 2650 ml

      Skipjack tuna is the most commonly fished species of tuna in the world and the 3rd most fished species of fish after the anchovy and the Alaska pollock. It is a species which is not heavier than 30 kg and found in the oceans. 

      The BROVER natural tuna piece don't have any preservatives, fishbone, scale, skin and red muscle. They are put in brine then packed in a sealed bag. A sterilization process is applied afterwards. Contrary to the crumbs, which are mostly composed of defaults of fish preparation from production lines, the pieces have less water which make them heavy and show an optimized net weight. 

      • Skipjack tuna in brine 850 ml, 2650 ml
      • Tuna in oil 850 ml
      • Skipjack Tuna in bride in pouch 600 g, 1,2 kg
      • Tuna in oil in pouch 1 kg

        The advantages of a bag packaging are plenty : quickness to open, easy to use, no risk to be cut or broken, easy to store (ambient) and reduce of waste. It has also a long use-by-date. 
      img 01

      BROVER Tomatoes 850 ml, 4250 ml, BiB 2x5 kg

      Harvested in the countryside from August to September, The BROVER tomatoes are brought to the factory a few hours after the harvest. The choice of fruits is essential because the structure and taste of the fresh tomato which give its quality to the sauce. Once peeled, tomatoes are mashed and concentrated by evaporation. The concentration is measured in brix, which is equivalent to dried matter. Fresh tomato has a natural brix from 5 to 6 and may be concentrated until 30 brix. Consistency, color and acidity are controlled to obtain a product perfectly fitted to professional requirements.  

      • Tomato paste 4250 ml ou 850 ml Brix 28-30. Smooth paste without flavoring. 
        Usage: reinforce every type of tomato sauce. 
      • Pizza sauce 12 4250 ml. Brix 11-12. Smooth paste, concentrated, oil and seasoning added. Usage: pizza sauce ready to use. 
      • Pizza sauce 16 4250 ml. Brix 15-16. Smooth paste, highly concentrated, oil and seasoning added. Usage: pizza sauce ready to use or to soften with water, until 2/3 of sauce for 1/3 of water. 
      • Chopped peeled tomatoes 4250 ml. Brix 6-7.
        Chunks of tomatoes, in a slightly concentrated juice, no seasoning. Use : tomate base to add in any type of recipes. 
        Also available in BiB (Bag in Box) of chopped peeled tomatoes, 2 x 5 kg.

          BROVER's BiBs are convenient: they are fast and easy to open, there is no risk of cuts or injury, they are easy to store, they produce limited waste and they are easy to handle. The very brief pasteurization process preserves the texture and taste of the fresh tomatoes.

        img 01

        BROVER Sun-Dried tomatoes 850 ml

        Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

        BROVER's sun-dried tomatoes in oil are an Italian speciality with a typically Mediterranean flavour. Picked when nice and ripe, the tomatoes are then cut in half and exposed to the heat of the southern sun until they are perfectly dried. They are then preserved in an aromatic oil, making them the perfect ingredient to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your salads and sandwiches. From Italy.

        • Dried tomatoes in oil 850 ml 

        diced Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

        Italian speciality with a Mediterranean flavour, our sun-dried tomatoes in oil are also available in 10x10 mm cubes ready-to-use. 850 ml can: net weight 800 g. From Italy.

        • Diced dried tomatoes in oil 850 ml
        img 01

        BROVER Grilled sliced eggplants in oil 850 ml

        Our Italian partner allows BROVER to benefit by its family know-how for its grilled sliced eggplants in oil.

        Some fresh eggplants cut into slices and then grilled with their skin, seasoned and marinated in aromatic oil.

        BROVER grilled sliced eggplants in oil have a long shelf life of 3 years. Each can has an easy-open system and a plastic lid to re-close and refrigerate it after using.

        • Grilled sliced eggplants in oil 850 ml
        img 01

        BROVER Grilled sliced zucchinis in oil 850 ml

        Sliced zucchinis, gently to trim a delicious springtime sandwich, but also topped bread rolls, pizzas and vegetable quiches. From Italy.

        • Grilled sliced zucchinis in oil 850 ml
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